Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bush Travels to Vote in Texas Primary

CRAWFORD, Texas - President Bush didn't take his responsibility to vote in the Texas Republican primary on Tuesday lightly — he took a nearly 1,500-mile trip from Washington to vote in person.
The president and Mrs. Bush voted Tuesday afternoon at a polling station set up at the volunteer fire department in Crawford. The election includes a contested congressional seat in Bush's district.
"It's always good to come home to vote," Bush said after casting his ballot. "And I urge all people to vote when given the chance."
The Bushes then went to their nearby ranch to spend the night.

"Man that was a tough day. Guys get me back to the ranch so I can get some rest. We can go to New Orleans tomorrow afternoon... after we've had some of mama's blueberry pancakes. Man, they're good... he he he he"

Ah, sir, Mr. President, the world is falling apart.......

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