Friday, March 10, 2006


MONTICELLO - Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh said on Thursday that the war in Iraq has already been lost and American inteligence-gathering there has eroded.

"Now it's clear," he said. "The only question is how do we get out without losing more American boys and killing more Iraqi people."

Conveniently buried in the bottom corner of section B, the sorry gossip rag Arkansas Democrat-Gazette made sure that Mr. Hersh's comments would be tough to find. Why would our paper actually inform us of anything news worthy? God forbid any soldiers in LR would read the article which quotes one Guardsman as saying they were never told of any mission in Iraq. Just cover your ass.
Paint the pages with automobile ads, a new list of the country's billionaires and editorials about school reform. That will make sure citizens are informed.

They didn't give us a review of the smoking Rolling Stones show

One of the daily editorials discussed the death of former Arizona Cardinal and US Ranger Pat Tillman and how embarrasing it was that the Army misreported the circumstances around his death. Embarrasing? How about disgusting, reprehensible and maybe criminal? How about the fact that they lied to his parents and then ran a patriotic propaganda campaign in the NFL and across the country saying he died in a fight with the Taliban when he was really shot by "friendly fire".

Just another lie propagated by the Bush administration.

The Democrat-Gazette editorial staff is the most miserable group of writers in America. Greenberg and Hussman should be ashamed that they are so supportive of ignorance.

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the kid said...

I saw that idiot Greenberg at the liquor store the other day. I wanted to sock him in the nose. He was bitchin' about the price of a mag of wine. Then he couldn't get his dumbass mind around the fact that there is more in a mag than a regular bottle...he is that guy you see in the Heights in his little red convertible driving about 19 miles per hour hugging the yellow line...