Monday, March 13, 2006

Bush: Iraq Insurgency Wants Civil War

WASHINGTON - President Bush said Monday insurgents in Iraq were trying to ignite a civil war by escalating violence and warned there will be more "chaos and carnage in the days and months to come."

"Excellent.... Mr. President.. this is working exactly as i have planned. Before you know it, the whole Middle East will be ours."
Uhhhh..... but who's gonna babysit these psychos?

No shit, Dubs, that's what we said about 3 years ago before you kicked off the global "destroy civilization as we know it tour".....

Would somebody get the word to Clusterhuckabee's camp.. Iraq=Civil War
do you want to babysit these psychos?

blown out of proportion? that makes me sick to my stomach.... puke on you gov clusterhuckabee

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