Saturday, December 29, 2007

zero sum game

Macro Man: The Energy Blues

Macro Man: The Energy Blues

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

'Godfather of Soul' James Brown Dies

'Godfather of Soul,' Legendary Singer James Brown, Dies of Heart Failure at 73

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

But seriously folks...

Lots and lots of discussion over subpoena power and the like...

Back by popular demand...

The infamous grocer's son...unedited...

The Honorable Henry Waxman!

C'mon...I know you're curious...


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

FT's Gideon Rachman: The Baker-Hamilton report

Finally, it seems to me that the ground is being prepared for the United States to walk away, and to blame the Iraqi government for failing to get its act together. Take a look at this recommendation from the report:
"If the Iraqi government does not make substantial progress toward the achievement of milestones on national reconciliation, security and governance, the United States should reduce its political, military or economic support."
If I were an Iraqi sitting in the green zone, I wouldn’t feel too re-assured by that passage.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Whatever happened to the "Good War"?

Afghanistan Opium Crop Sets Record

U.S.-Backed Efforts At Eradication Fail

Opium production in Afghanistan, which provides more than 90 percent of the world's heroin, broke all records in 2006, reaching a historic high despite ongoing U.S.-sponsored eradication efforts, the Bush administration reported yesterday.

When asked about the increase in Opium production, G-Dub "Rub a dub dub" Lame Duck responded, "Take me out, Coach...I'm tired..."

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Are George W. Bush lovers certifiable?

A collective “I told you so” will ripple through the world of Bush-bashers once news of Christopher Lohse’s study gets out.

Lohse, a social work master’s student at Southern Connecticut State University, says he has proven what many progressives have probably suspected for years: a direct link between mental illness and support for President Bush.

Lohse says his study is no joke. The thesis draws on a survey of 69 psychiatric outpatients in three Connecticut locations during the 2004 presidential election. Lohse’s study, backed by SCSU Psychology professor Jaak Rakfeldt and statistician Misty Ginacola, found a correlation between the severity of a person’s psychosis and their preferences for president: The more psychotic the voter, the more likely they were to vote for Bush.

“Bush supporters had significantly less knowledge about current issues, government and politics than those who supported Kerry,” the study says.

.......I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!,0,1695911.story

Court Hears Global Warming Case

The Supreme Court yesterday cautiously confronted for the first time the issue of global warming, hearing a challenge to the Bush administration's refusal to regulate emissions of greenhouse gases in new vehicles.

...and our favorite justice, Antonin "Fuck You" Scalia, had this to say...

At one point, he (Scalia) acknowledged the role of carbon dioxide as a pollutant in the air but wondered about it being a pollutant in the "stratosphere."

"Respectfully, Your Honor, it is not the stratosphere. It's the troposphere," Milkey (lawyer) said.

"Troposphere, whatever. I told you before I'm not a scientist," Scalia said to laughter. "That's why I don't want to have to deal with global warming, to tell you the truth."