Thursday, May 04, 2006

Republican Leaders Blame High Gas Prices on President Clinton

Congressional leaders attempting to pass the buck to anyone else but themselves now are blaming high oil and gas prices on Clinton's veto of the drilling program in Alaska's ANWR national refuge. Of course high oil prices have nothing to do with an invasion of Iraq or a nuclear standoff with Iran two oil producers. Suicide bombers blowing up pipelines in the Middle East probably don't drive prices higher either. That doesn't even begin to get into the value of the dollar which has been in free fall since Bush was elected and Congress turned our budget into a credit card.
Sen Frist on NBC's Today show says, "President Clinton vetoed it. Unbelievable. Passed the House. Pass the Senate. And if President Clinton had not vetoed that, we would have more than a million barrels of oil coming here every single day. That’s more oil than we import from Saudi Arabia right now. It’s a matter supply and demand. Right now we would have increase supply if it had not been vetoed by President Clinton."

That's total bullshit.

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the kid said...

Total bullshit...these guys just can't get enough of bashing Clinton. Dennis Hastert's fat ass was laying the same b.s. He looked like some little kid throwing a fit...stomping his feet...what a bunch of pricks...