Monday, April 17, 2006

Roller Derby is Back - Hop on Board w/ NWA Rollergirls
We are building a League in Northwest Arkansas! We need all the volunteers we can get. If you want to skate, be in the support crew, do creative work, run around and talk shite about us, whatever - let me know on here or at

Rollergirls and the people who love them. Peoples who want to help. Loudmouths, pencil pushers, whores, geeks, nerds, dorks, rich people with disposable money, rink owners, musicians, bitch boys (and girls), big strong peoples, little strong peoples, artists, designers, ANYONE who wants to be a part of the bad assness.

Sounds like the fireside chaps.. our kinda chicks.
One of our beloved sisters is one of the lead jammers... she used to wield a chainsaw, now she will be chopping down competition in the roller rink.

let's all support the nwakansas roller girls

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