Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Huckabee says detainees in Cuba are treated fairly

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - Inmates at the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detainee camp in Cuba are being treated fairly by the U.S. government, Gov. Mike Huckabee said Monday after returning from a trip to the camp.

Huckabee said the detainees at the camp, which he visited on Friday, are fed respecting their religious requirements and that each detainment cell is marked, showing the direction toward Mecca.

Huckabee said he thinks the detainees' cells at Guantanamo are more comfortable than many cells in Arkansas' state prisons.

Huckabee said that, during his tour of the facility, the governors withnessed the interrogation of a detainee who was suspected of having ties to terrorist organizations. "Instead of whips and torture, we saw lengthy, yet polite exchange between interrogators and the detainee," Huckabee said.

Well there you have it. Cells are better than Arkansas and no whips and torture. Life couldn't be better. I wonder why he didn't mention the fact that they have had no right to counsel? I guess that's irrelevant since there are no whips and torture.. Thanks Governor for your diligent inquiry into the abuse.

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the kid said...

what a clown...did we pay for that? or did his pac pay for it?!