Monday, July 31, 2006

NYT Sunday edition - Scary Shit

you get the feeling that shit in the middle east is spiralling out of control in front of our eyes..

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mr. mayor said...

It's scary all right... especially the part that says the 'net war' soldier not only has technology equivalent to ours, but also has an understanding of world politics and knows how to use propaganda to his advantage. And this new soldier isn't going to be physically fighting our most intelligent soldiers because our smart guys have all been made into colonels and generals so they're in an office somewhere. Our grunts in the field are like they've always been... poor, uneducated, blindly loyal to their commander-in-chief. HMMMMM... so the new insurgent 'net soldier' has the same weapons, smarter soldiers, more effective strategy(well, we don't really HAVE a strategy)... I don't think massive numbers of troops can overcome that. It's like the Swamp Fox against the redcoats...funny how history repeats itself. So, I'm trying to remember now...Why are we there?