Wednesday, June 21, 2006

2 killed in second botched Israeli strike

By SARAH EL DEEB, Associated Press Writer Wed Jun 21, 4:06 PM ET
KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza Strip - In the second botched Israeli airstrike in Gaza in two days, two people were killed and 13 were wounded when a missile hit a house Wednesday, just hours after grieving and angry Palestinians buried three children killed in a previous attack.

Militants vowed revenge, and Israelis debated the effectiveness of airstrikes that target militants but are taking a mounting toll on innocent Palestinians.
In Wednesday's attack, Israeli aircraft targeted militants in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis but hit a house instead, killing a man and a woman and wounding at least 13 people, including five children, according to hospital officials.

The missile blew a hole in a wall of the one-story concrete block shack. A pool of blood covered part of the kitchen floor of the stricken house.
A witness said a car carrying Palestinian militants passed the house as the missile struck. They jumped from the car and ran into a nearby field.
A senior air force officer, speaking on condition of anonymity under military regulations, said the missile missed its target by several dozen yards.

How many is several dozen? 5 dozen is over half a football field.. that's a big miss. Dont' we supply the Isreali military with artilery?
If Isreal can't hit their target with US made weapons, how are we to believe Sadam could bomb US soil using his catapult?

If you are Muslim, dont' walk outside in Gaza....

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Fair point, Young Grasshopper...
I'd say a few dozen could also be a city block...