Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pryor and Lincoln...GOP.

Review shows Pryor tends to back Bush in Senate

WASHINGTON — Despite harsh criticism from conservatives over recent votes, Arkansas’ Sen. Mark Pryor has been in President Bush’s corner more often than not during the 109 th Congress.

Among Democratic senators, only Ben Nelson of Nebraska has supported Bush more often than Pryor, a new tally shows. The ranking is from VoteTracker, a congressional vote-tabulation service, and is based on a review of 67 key votes on which the White House had a clearly stated position.

Pryor sided with Bush on 49 of those and disagreed on 18, for a rate of agreement of 73. 1 percent.

Arkansas’ other Democratic senator, Blanche Lincoln, sided with Bush 66. 2 percent of the time.

Asked about the figures, Pryor acknowledged, “I do agree with the president on a lot of things.”



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