Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Names of the Dead-New York Times

The Department of Defense has identified 2,433 American service members who have died since the start of the Iraq war. It confirmed the deaths of the following Americans yesterday:

BURKART, Armer N., 26, Specialist, Army; Rockville, Md.; 10th Mountain Division.

BURNETT, Jason K., 20, Lance Cpl., Marines; St. Cloud, Fla.; Second Marine Division.

CLARK, Eric D., 22, Pfc., Army; Pleasant Prairie, Wis.; 10th Mountain Division.

CONBOY, Adam C., 21, Lance Cpl., Marines; Philadelphia; Third Marine Division.

GEBUR, Ronald W., 23, Specialist, Army; Delavan, Ill.; Fourth Infantry Division.

GRAMESSANCHEZ, David J., 22, Lance Cpl., Marines; Fort Wayne, Ind.; Second Marine

JAMES, Richard Z., 20, Lance Cpl., Marines; Seaford, Del.; Second Marine Division.

LEGASPI, Emmanuel L., 38, Staff Sgt., Army; Las Vegas; First Armored Division.

LICALZI, Michael L., 24, Second Lt., Marines; Garden City, N.Y.; Second Marine Division.

MARINDOMINGUEZ, Jose S. Jr., 22, Lance Cpl., Marines; Liberal, Kan.; Third Marine Division.

SNOWBERGER, Stephen P. III, 18, Pfc., Army; Lopez, Pa.; 10th Mountain Division.

VAHAVIOLOS, Steve, 21, Cpl., Marines; Airmont, N.Y.; Second Marine Division.

YEARBY, Hatak Yuka Keyu M., 21, Lance Cpl., Marines; Overbrook, Okla.; Third Marine Division.

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