Friday, April 07, 2006

Speech Mistake Prompts Bush Do-Over

(AP) Cameras were rolling. Microphones were on. President Bush stepped up to comment on a Senate compromise on immigration legislation.Wait. Was it energy or immigration?Maybe Bush had rising gas prices on his mind when he said he was pleased that Republicans and Democrats were working together to get a bipartisan, comprehensive "energy" bill.Realizing his mistake, he stopped and called for a Take 2."Let me start over," Bush said, standing next to Air Force One.Bush, often the first to admit that he's not a great orator, got it right the second time."I'm pleased that Republicans and Democrats in the United States Senate are working together to get a comprehensive `immigration' bill," Bush said. "I want to thank the efforts of those involved in the process. ..."

he he he...what I really meant to say was, that darned yellowcake thingee is really making my head hurt! he he he...

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