Friday, March 17, 2006

Weird News Of The Day-Town: Pot Paintings on House Not Illegal

WINSTED, Conn., Mar. 17, 2006
(AP) Having marijuana in your house is illegal, but having marijuana images on your house is not, according to town officials.Five months after Christopher Seekins was arrested and charged with cultivating marijuana in his home, neighbors have complained about the giant marijuana leaves he has spray-painted on the outside of his home on High Street."There's no reason anybody should have a problem with it," Seekins said Wednesday.Town officials said the marijuana paintings apparently do not conflict with local laws."There's nothing in the property maintenance code that deals with writing on your house," Joe Beadle, chief code enforcement officer, said.Seekins says the large leaves are in support of the cause of the legalization of marijuana. He believes firmly in the usefulness of hemp, the coarse fiber of the cannabis plant, from textiles to paper products."People have the wrong impression about it," Seekins said.In October, police said they found 100 plants inside Seekins' house, along with grow lights, fertilizers and portable heaters.Police charged Seekins, 26, with cultivating marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Free on $10,000 bond, his court case is pending.

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