Thursday, March 30, 2006

Weird News Of The Day-Cop Wrestles Pot Bags Out of Dog's Mouth

BOSTON, Mar. 29, 2006
(AP) This Prada's bag was no designer purse. A Boston detective searching the apartment of a drug suspect wound up wrestling a sack containing 108 bags of marijuana out of the clenched jaws of a pitbull named Prada.The dog was running around carrying a tan-colored bag Tuesday as police were searching the apartment, where they had already found a loaded gun, $1,000 cash and 14 bags of marijuana.Prada did not give up without a fight.When an officer tried to grab Prada's bag, the pooch pulled back. The plastic tore, and police said could they could see bags of marijuana inside the sack in Prada's mouth."All 108 bags were recovered from the dog's mouth after a vigorous struggle," police said in a written statement.Officers locked Prada in a dog crate. They also arrested three people at the apartment.

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