Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Weird News Of The Day-60-pound beaver removed from Gun Lake drain

This is from the Ludington Daily News...

Daily News Staff Writer
A whale of a beaver has been removed from the Gun Lake drain.
Dan Rohde, a Mason County Drain Commission employee, caught a beaver that weighed better than 60 pounds from the drain over the weekend, using a foothold trap.

“She moved into a lake on the drain in the fall of last year,” Rohde said. “It was actually quite late for her to move into a new area. She dammed twice, so I set traps and left them over the winter to keep her from damming and she never did.
“I went in last week Friday and reset traps to catch her and caught her over the weekend.”
Rohde said the beaver was the third largest he’s ever trapped. The largest, a 74-pounder, was trapped off Hansen Road.
Rohde said the beaver was the 17th trapped from the Gun Lake drain in the last seven years. Gun Lake has a court-ordered level, so keeping beavers from damming up the drain is imperative.
Drain Commissioner David Hasenbank said a hearing scheduled for yesterday to challenge a board of determination finding of “no necessity” for improvements on the drain was canceled. A group of homeowners on Gun Lake had sought to appeal the finding, but dropped the appeal.
Rohde said only problem beavers are trapped.
“We certainly don’t go out to eliminate the beaver population, it’s just when they start causing trouble,” Rohde said.
“We have a lot of beavers. There’s beavers in all of the major rivers, whenever there’s high water, they move into all of the tributaries. We had about four years where we didn’t have problems in any of the county drains.
“We don’t go out to take care of every beaver that’s out there. Once they start damming, we go after them. Once they start that, they won’t stop until they’re removed.”
Rohde, who was an active recreational trapper for many years and traps other species for his business, Wildlife Removal Services, said he has trapped hundreds of beavers and only about 50 of them broke the 50-pound mark.
“To break 60 pounds is quite a feat,” Rohde said.
Rohde said the world record beaver weighed more than 100 pounds.

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